Structured Cabling Works

Future-proof your network backbone with our reliable structured cabling services

Structured Cabling Services

TELEMATiCO offers a complete data cabling service. From site visit and survey, through specification and installation. We install and maintain cabling for use with telephony, computer systems and broadband.

Our site engineers will assess your existing cabling and will be able to advise the most appropriate and cost effective solution to upgrade your existing system or the installation of a new system designed to maximize efficiency and allow for future proofing of the system. Each system is tested during installation, a service that many other providers do not offer.

A properly designed and installed structured cabling system delivers predictable performance and should have the flexibility to accommodate moves, additions and changes. A disorganized and messy cabling infrastructure can lead to all sorts of problems. When trying to remedy a problem it can be difficult to identify the correct cable in a bundle, incorrect ports can be unplugged, moving or removing a cable can cause stress to adjacent cables leading to network and channel errors.


  • Authorized Dealer of Commscope
  • Authorized Dealer of Premium Line
  • Authorized Dealer of Hikvsion Surveillance
  • Authorized Dealer of Dahua Surveillance
  • Authorized Dealer of Zkteco Biometrics
  • Authorized Dealer of Asenware Fire Detection Alarm System (FDAS)


  •   Network Cabling Systems and Design
  •   Installation of copper and fiber optic cable
  •   Installation of air-blown fiber systems
  •   Installation of wiring racks, cabinets and patch panels
  •   Cable certification and compliance testing
  •   As Built Documentation (DWG, PDF, et al.)

Benefits of using Structure Cabling

  •   Unlike the traditional cabling system, the structured cabling can help avoid the jungle of wiring and carry increasing data at a high
  •   It is cost effective as it reduces power and maintenance cost.
  •   It saves your time as it accommodates easily and changes quickly.
  •   Greater flexibility.
  •   Better hold for applications.
  •   Easy and cost-effective.


Here are the reasons why you should choose our Structured Cabling Service

  • why-choose-us_0001_flexibility

    Greater Flexibility

    Our setups are engineered to provide great flexibility and ease of use over long periods of time. Adding or removing pieces of hardware will cease to be a hurdle for you!

  • why-choose-us_0004_Design-and-Installation

    Design and Installation

    We are involved right from the conceptualization of the architecture to its culmination to ensure that everything goes according to plan and is in proper working order!

  • why-choose-us_0005_Troubleshooting-Testing

    Troubleshooting & Testing

    We offer complete testing and troubleshooting of any issues that may come up immediately after installation or even after a long period of use.

  • why-choose-us_0006_Voice-Data-Multimedia-Ca

    Voice, Data & Multimedia Cabling

    We understand that only text is not sufficient to communicate great ideas. That is why we offer voice, data and multimedia cabling solutions as well!

  • why-choose-us_0007_1200px-Gear_7.svg_

    Cabling & Maintenance

    We don’t just install cabling systems, we also provide you support and service to ensure that they are in top working order and work efficiently as well.

  • why-choose-us_0002_Certified-Experts-for-Suppo

    Certified Experts for Support

    A service is only as good as its providers and thus, we employ only the most qualified and technically sound experts to help you with your cabling requirements.



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