Our telecom team started deploying SIP Based IP-PBX way back in 2012 a not so popular technology coz not so many people are using them compare to other well-known brands. Wherein companies are looking for alternative, cost-effective yet efficient technology to meet their day-to-day telecom business operation. Today, as more organizations seek ways to improve efficiency especially now our telcos are migrating to VoIP via SiP Protocol. VoIP thru SIP Protocol can lower costs, increase efficiency and functionality and provide an alternative to public telephone services. Deploying VoIP SiP Based IP PBX requires a different set of skills and resources which our team possesses.


telematico managed sip pbx/pabx services

We at telematico offers a mix of both cloud and premise-based systems. For managed PBX services, we can host it on cloud or install dedicated equipment at your sites and integrate it with your existing network infrastructure. telematico will then manage this PBX remotely. So, as a business owner, you don’t have to take this phone system headache anymore. Leave the maintenance and management to us and focus on your business objectives.

What are the benefits of our telematico managed services?

  •   State-of-the-art unified sip trunking communications solutions, based on next-generation technologies, cloud or on-premise, managed by dedicated VoIP Engineers
  •   Equipment design, implementation, provisioning, and turn-up; operative management and continuous process improvement of your company’s communications services
  •   Management of hardware and software updates follow the latest versions available
  •   PLDT SiP Trunk Compatible and other telcos
  •   Adaptive technical support

Our Managed PBX services, offers the following:

  •  – Lower initial investment cost.
  •  – Advanced telephony technologies.
  •  – Easy management via Web portal.
  •  – Unified Communications with the use of voice and video and use of multiple devices such as phone, laptop, mobile phone and tablet for enhanced communication experience.
  • – PLDT Sip Trunk Compatible and other Telcos

Still using a legacy phone system? Is it time to upgrade?

You may be reluctant to take on the process of migrating from a legacy system to a cloud-based or on-premised IP-PBX solution. Many have kicked it down the line, thinking that it’s not worth “fixing what’s not broken.” but postponing your digital transformation is just causing unnecessary costs to add up in the background. Another valid reason your business may need an upgrade is because your old legacy phone system doesn’t have the features you want by default or free unless you have to pay for the licenses to activate those features set in order to keep up with your business needs, or the competition.

Many UC systems offer impressive features such as audio, video conference, desktop and mobile applications , crm integrations , call reports and stats, as well as the ability to track and monitor individual phone calls – features that are extremely valuable to a business call center or inside sales team.

We offers the best replacement for your legacy phone systems.

Our IP-PBX Solutions provides the following benefits
  •  Easy and intuitive web user interface for all setup and management
  •  No licensing or recurring fees
  •  Low Capital Investment / Ongoing Operating Costs
  •  All hardware, software and features included
  •  Free lifetime firmware updates
  •  Auto discovery and auto provisioning of SIP endpoints
  •  Broad SIP interoperability with any SIP product or service


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