Fire Detection and Alarm System

Protect your People and Facilities

Fire Detection and Alarm System for Businesses

Teknim Mosaic and Hikvision HikCentral systems enable a fully manageable fire security solution in buildings and facilities for everyone.

Users or system operators monitor and manage all their fire alarm systems as well as other security systems such as CCTV, intercom and access control products.

In the event of a fire alarm or fault condition in the facilities or buildings, the system operator or users will be able to pinpoint and simultaneously view the alarm location(s) of the device(s) causing the fire alarm and any system events through fire alarm panels.

All authorized users or operators added in the system will receive the desired camera live broadcast from the location of the camera(s) in case of fire and can also intervene instantly by monitoring the alarm incoming area on the map provided by HikCentral.

If desired, the re-start, sounder silence, buzzer silence and evacuation commands can be sent simultaneously to all panels.

With the soft-repeater panel feature, all these operations can be applied simultaneously though any computer(s) for the monitored facility or building.

Reliable and effective fire detection and alarm systems

Reliable and effective fire detection and alarm systems are essential for all businesses to protect employees and visitors in your facility and minimize the risks to your business.

We at TELEMATiCO have designers & engineers which ensures that your business is protected and compliant with government required fire safety regulations.



From conventional fire alarms for smaller premises to complex addressable fire alarms for larger premises, we design and install a system to suit your exact requirements and ensure reliable, early detection of fires. We offer a range of communicators to alert you of an activation even when you’re not on the premises.



Installing and maintaining effective fire detection and fire alarm systems is vital to the safety of people and your premises

We are committed to installing the very best, reliable and effective fire detection and fire alarm systems.



Having the right system in place is your first priority but once you have the correct equipment installed it requires maintenance to the highest standards to ensure it remains operational and doesn’t start giving false alarms. Telematico can offer you them standards and expertise to give you peace of mind.



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