PV Solar Panel Installation

Save Money and the Environment

Telematico PV Solar Panel Installation Services

Power is getting more expensive with time and people are intent in utilizing renewable and solar energy to meet their power needs. Power cuts and reliance on Diesel generator sets is making individuals search for more and better sources. PV Solar panels are the ideal option to generate your own electricity .

Another thing, carbon dioxide emission primarily contributes to global warming, resulting to severe weather disturbance. Telematico Corporation very concern to the climate change and now we promoting the use of PV solar system as green energy to reduce the Carbon dioxide emission. Telematico Corporation believes that PV system have the advantage of being one of the most inconspicuous and adaptive green sources. We are here to help your business and the environment for profitable and responsible use of green energy. Telematico Corporation offering Off-Grid, Grid-Tie, and Hybrid Solar Panel Installation.

Benefits of Installing PV Solar Panels

Solar or photovoltaic panels decrease your homes or commer icial building dependency on the main energy grid, and in turn your power bill. In fact, panels can produce more energy than your house needs. There’s no waste, though. When that happens, the excess electricity is sent back into the power grid.

Advantages of solar power:
  •       Lowers long-term energy costs.
  •       Clean energy that improves the environment.
  •       Positive cash flow.
  •       Reduces your carbon footprint.
  •       Help Fight Climate Change

Our PV Solar Panel Installation includes :

Custom Solar Solutions
Telematico tailors each installation to optimize price savings and stability, offering on-site and off-site solar and solar-plus-storage options under flexible, fair power purchase agreements.
Operation & Maintenance
We provide cleaning,  preventive maintenance services, so the  owners can save a lot of money in emergency repairs
Choices For Every Budget
We are not tied to any solar panel manufacturer, Hence, we offer solar solutions that are best for your budget while keeping the quality of material and installation intact.


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