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Panasonic PBX Phone Systems for Business

PBX systems for every company

  • Panasonic IP Hybrid PBX Systems give you all the feature-rich functionality you’d expect, and offer the best of both worlds, with an industry-leading mix of reliable PBX products enhanced with all the advantages in IP technology.

PBX systems for any industry

  • From healthcare to education, sales to administration, Panasonic PBX systems are suitable for all industry sectors.

Panasonic SIP Phone Systems for Business

SIP systems for every size of company

  • Panasonic SIP-phone devices are flexible, easy to deploy, compatible with leading soft-switch technology suppliers and capable of growing with your business

SIP systems – the business benefits

  • Our range of Business IP telephone systems includes SIP cordless systems, SIP DECT based units, SIP DECT multi cell systems and our SIP desktop terminals.