We offer a flexible support and warranty programs for different need of our customers. Our NETCARE warranty program designed for EXTENDED WARRANTY PROGRAMS for IP PBX, TELEPHONY, MEDIACONVERTERS and MODULES depending on the request of our customers.

Netcare warranty is helping many customers from various industry such as telecommunication, contact centers, manufacturing, banking and finance, healthcare, hospitality, automotive and more to save costs and to keep their operations up and running 8×5 or 24×7 depending on their business needs with the help of telematico’s netcare program.

Based on our current customers feedback, with Netcare we make IT personnel more productive in terms of inside support because they don’t need to bother and think a lot how to troubleshoot their faulty Cisco hardware, we can replace the whole unit by a phone call right away with this kind of approach your IT personnel can focus on the other stuff that can make the companies more productive in day to day basis.