Telematico | IP PBX Solution
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IP PBX Solution

IP PBX stands for Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange, some voice engineers call it as simple as VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol and some abbreviate as IP-PBX or IPBX.

Our IP PBX System consists of SIP Phones or VoIP Phones uses. IP PBX provides many advantages compare with traditional telephone system here are the basic and some advantages.

  • Converge data and voice networks.
  • Can use single LAN Cable Network for both voice and network
  • Easy to configure compare with traditional proprietary phone
  • Provides flexibility; as your company grows, it simplify the addition of sip phones or VoIP phones
  • Low operational costs over time

IP PBX system is cost-effective voice call technology and commonly used by call center industry, large and enterprise businesses to save costs for voice calls via internet and even some small and medium companies with different branches locally or oversea because no license fee is needed.